About Us


Penuel Management consultant Ltd (A subsidiary of Tiddo securities Ltd) is a rapidly growing global online forex,Bitcoin,pencoin,oil and gas,socker broker. providing financial services through its regulated trading offices. With an outstanding track record of profitable growth. Penuel Management consultant Ltd (A subsidiary of Tiddo securities Ltd) core business is acting as the primary source to its clients in Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on forex trading,bitcoin trading, oil and gas trading,and much more. Other principal products and services provide Penuel’s clients with opportunities to trade on major indices, commodities,precious metals, oil and gas sales and distribution,real estate and individual equities.

Penuel’s client base primarily consists of retail investors but it is increasingly servicing institutional investors as well, with transactions exclusively being executed online. Due to its rapid progression, our client services are offered to more than 35 countries worldwide through our mother company (Tiddo securities Ltd).

Tiddo securities Ltd is the holding company of Penuel Management consultant Ltd which was incorporated in Nigeria in 1994 under the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria with RC:255863.Tiddo securities Ltd, the mother company of Penuel Management consultant Ltd is regulated by Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) and holds a cross border licence, permitting them to provide investment services worldwide.

Tiddo securities Ltd headquarters are based in Limassol, Cyprus with further offices and subsidiaries in France, Vienna, London, Sydney,Japan,China,Malasia, Madrid,Nigeria, South Africa,Ghana,Namibia,Liberia,Australia and Moscow, aiming to support the diversity of its clientele. Tiddo securities Ltd is continuously growing and currently employs more than 50,000 staff worldwide.

Global Reach

Penuel Management consultant Ltd (A subsidiary of Tiddo securities Ltd) had another record year in 2017 with trading volumes up to $1.18 billion, an 11% increase from $1.07 billion in 2016 – the second consecutive year of double digit growth. In 2017 penuel’s business from Asia contributed 51.2% to total trading volumes, up from 43.8% in 2016. European trading volumes accounted for 33.6% down from 39.4% in 2016. The Middle East and Africa contributed 12%, with the remaining 3.2% coming from the rest of the world.